Foam Cutting For Gift Box At No Minimum Order

/sourcing-gifts/category/sponge-foam-die-cut/sourcing-gifts/category/sponge-foam-die-cut/We understand the critical role packaging plays in safeguarding your products during transit and ensuring an impressive unboxing experience for your customers. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Foam Cutting Services – a bespoke solution to elevate your packaging game to a whole new level!

Protection and presentation, all in one! Our foam cutting services strikes the perfect balance, ensuring your items are safe and stylish in transit.

Tailored to Perfection

Every product is unique, and so should be its packaging. Our Foam Cutting Services are tailored to fit your specific products seamlessly. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled craftsmen ensure precision and accuracy in every cut, resulting in foam inserts that snugly cradle your items, providing both protection and an aesthetic appeal.

Foam Cutting Gift Set Box

The Art of Packaging

Packaging is an art, and we treat it as such. Our Foam Cutting Services enable us to create intricate and aesthetically pleasing designs, turning your packaging into a canvas for creativity. Our foam cutting capabilities allow for limitless design possibilities, making your packaging truly stand out.

Foam Cutting Gift Set Box - Types

The Quotation

In order for us to send you a quote, we need the below info in order for us to calculate the cost.  
1) Send artwork mentioning with size of the cutting area
2) Inform us the sponge thickness
3) Let us know the quantity required

Foam Cutting Gift Set Box - RFQ


1. Do you call it a sponge or a form?
This material goes by different names; some refer to it as sponge, while others call it pe foam.

2. What is the thickness of the foam or sponge?
Our standard thickness for the foam is 2mm, 5mm, 10mm and 15mm.

3. Can you create custom shapes or designs for the foam inserts?
Absolutely! Our foam cutting services specialize in creating custom shapes and designs to suit your specific packaging needs. Just provide us ai files will do.

4. How do I determine the right foam size insert for my products?
Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your product dimensions, weight, and any specific packaging requirements you may have. Based on this information, we will recommend the ideal foam size insert design for your packaging. To ensure the perfect fit, it is highly recommended that you ship your product to us at the time of placing your order. This way, we can conduct thorough testing once the initial sample is ready.

5. Can I request a sample of a foam insert before placing a bulk order?
Yes, we understand the importance of evaluating the quality and fit of our foam inserts. We can give you a foam sample that matches your needs so you can check if it meets your expectations before placing a big order.

6. Can I make a sample prior to mass production?
Yes, you can order a sample foam cut according to your artwork at ma minimumcharge of RM50 per production run in general for small size item.

7. How do I place an order for custom foam inserts?
To place an order or inquire about our foam cutting services, simply reach out to us via phone, email, or through our website's contact form. Our dedicated team will promptly assist you, provide additional information, and guide you through the ordering process.

8. Do you offer shipping and delivery services for the completed foam inserts?
Yes, we offer shipping and delivery options to ensure your foam inserts reach you in a timely and secure manner. Delivery fees can only be advised after we know full information on quantity needed and also your location address.

Elevate your brand, protect your products, and impress your customers with packaging that speaks volumes. Reach out to us today and let's tailor a foam cutting solution that suits your unique packaging needs. Your products deserve nothing less than the perfect fit!

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