A Great Promotional Pen Hand Sanitiser Gifts 

This sprayer pen keeps you clean and fresh.   This hand sanitiser spray pen is perfect for promotional events. It is an economical promotional product that highlights your brand name. Your receivers will love this hand sanitiser pen which is useful and functional. Include a logo design to the hand sanitiser pen body will help to shoutout the company brand name and will certainly also to allow people to remember your company.

Spray Hand Sanitizer Pen

Ingredients of the Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen 

The pen comes with an 8ml refillable liquid with Zeze Antimicrobial Sanitizer. It uses 2 main ingredients which are Chlorhexidine gluconate and 30% Ethanol to eliminate germs and virus.

Chlorhexidine gluconate is used as a germicidal mouthwash to reduces bacteria in the mouth. Ethanol is actually alcohol, which helps to eliminate germs. Therefore they are much more gentle to our skin compare to other sanitisers outside. The chemical is produced by a GMP company in Malaysia, Halal certified and it is also KKM approved.

Spray Hand Sanitizer Pen Ingredients

Why this is a great promotional pen for covid-19 pandemic?

1) It is affordable promotional gifts that bring out your brand. It will never look too cheap. This pen is heavy and unlike any pen hand sanitiser pen outside.

Spray Hand Sanitizer Pen Promotional Pen

2) It is great to print your logo.  The white colour matches any logo.  The pen body is white and clean that represent hygiene and health.  You can opt to print your logo with a minimum order of 50pcs only. Logo printing is done using pad printing methods.

Spray Hand Sanitizer Pen Logo

3) It has great functionality and can be reusable.  When the ingredients are finished, you can always pour your big bottle of hand sanitiser liquid into it.  Filling the bottle is as easy as 1,2,3.  No special tool or equipment is needed. 

Spray Hand Sanitizer Pen Refillable

4) It is also a pen that is easy to carry around. We afraid of the things we touch—this pen help to sanitise your hand after you fill up some forms. Bring the pen outside and sign any document anywhere without any worries of covid-19.  Just write and then spray the sanitiser to your hand.  You can also spray it on the table or chair you sit. :)

Spray Hand Sanitizer Pen Tip

5) Do you know one pen hand sanitiser can last 90 sprays?  Built to last and cost-efficient.  You can use this countless time.

Spray Hand Sanitizer Pen - Spray More Than 90 Times

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