5 Valentine’s Day Tips For Newly Couple

5 Valentine’s Day Tips For Newly Couple

This year will be the first valentine for you. Of course, you want to impress your other half. But you might not be even sure that you are ready to celebrate such a romantic holiday since you haven't been together that long. Well, you might also don't know where you would like to go to dinner too. This kind of thing can quickly turn into a high-pressure situation and one that does not seem very fun.

Jonathan Bennett, a certified counsellor and dating expert from Double Trust Dating says that "Valentine's Day can be a very stressful time, especially for new couples".

Worry not, we are here to help navigate your first Valentine's Day together. Thus be sure to read on for tips and trick.

Valentine's Day Tips #1:  Know your other half expectation

Valentine's Day Tips #1:  Know your other half expectation

As a new couple, you might not know how your partner feels about Valentine’s Day. People have a different set of thinking, thus different opinions and expectation too. While you might not be the biggest fan, your partner could secretly hope for romantic dinner and flower.

So what best way to figure out your partner expectation other than by sharing your views on the holiday. Make a point of being honest, and getting everything ready early on. Then you can rest assure that you are approaching the day with similar expectation.

Valentine's Day Tips #2:  Don't overthink this

Valentine's Day Tips #2:  Don't overthink this

After the first step, you don’t necessarily take everything to overthink stage. This will put too much pressure on yourselves, which will eventually end up dragging down the mood and make the day feel overwhelming instead of fun.

This kind of thing often happens to many new couples since they have high hope to succeed in giving off a good impression and worry about disappointing their partner. Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules for Valentine’s Day, but it’s all about figuring out what the best for both, you and your partner.

Valentine's Day Tips #3:  Make it your way

Valentine's Day Tips #4:  Make it your way

The cool thing about a new relationship is that it is a blank canvas. You are free to paint it which whenever things you like, including creating your own tradition for Valentine’s Day. It's your first ever Valentine’s Day, consider making it special in a way you would like to repeat every year on this specific day.

It could be a simple tradition as choosing a restaurant and decide to go back to that same restaurant again and again. You could also go creative by going off the beaten path and shape the day into precisely what you would like it to be.

Valentine's Day Tips #4:  Don’t ever compare your day with others

Valentine's Day Tips #5:  Don’t ever compare your day with others

Try not to compare your day with those who are well into their Valentine’s Day. Mostly those who are in a longer relationship will tend to do better in celebrating the day. Try to avoid comparing with the ones you see on social media or hear about from friends as the Valentine’s Day is all about how you celebrate with your partner.

What you should do is, instead of comparing with them, you could learn from them if you find it is interesting. Keep the same idea or concept for the next Valentine’s Day, and add a little more of your touch to make it more special.

Valentine's Day Tips #5: Keep Gift Simple

Valentine's Day Tips #3: Keep Gift Simple

Gift-giving segment played a big role during Valentine’s Day, which often includes flowers, card, jewellery, and so on. However, keep in mind that it is your first time celebrating together so you might don’t want to go overboard.

But still, you will want a gift that makes he/she feel special, appreciated in your relationship. Gift can be special in many ways, instead of a simple mug, you could do a customised mug with a custom romantic message that is deep from your heart. This will definitely make your other half fell that your love for him/her is genuine.

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