As a laser engraving service and laser cutting service company, we specialise in laser marking and laser engraving for various products. Our machine leaves a permanent marking of the logo or text on the products. A laser machines requires a beam of focused light to interact with a surface material so that one layer is vaporised or torn away, leaving a cavity in the surface that is generally visible and noticeable by touch. Our laser mark or laser engraving machines can control the amount of material removed and the depth of the cavity to create engravings of superior quality in any material. 

Our friendly engraving services staff is experienced in all aspects of the laser systems and engraving process. Our extensive experience allows us to offer our customers a wide range of services in the marking, engraving and cutting process. Our laser engraving team have the skill, experience, and resources necessary to properly mark and engrave any required material and shape. Our in house custom laser engraved services enable us to help many customers on special rush orders and urgent corporate events as fast as the next working day. We can offer a personalised engraving or cutting service to meet your requirements and help you achieve your corporate goals.

Let us engrave your products for you. Send your product to us today.  Rush order available!

Laser mark or laser engraved is an extremely popular design technique for many reasons:

  1. It can be done on virtually any metal surface, including a wide range of materials.
  2. The laser machine is incredibly precise so that you can make very small details.
  3. It can be done on curved surfaces, like bottle caps, or irregular objects, like coins.

Engraved Products

What are the engraving service product we cater? Our engraving capabilities are almost limitless. We use the laser beam to cut and engrave onto a wide range of items, including metal, wood, acrylic, plastics, glass, PU or leather. Popular metal items that can be custom laser engraved include stainless steel, alloys, aluminium and brass. Laser engraving is a high quality, cost-effective way to permanently brand your corporate logo or message onto a promotional product. Our production can perform high detailing engraving as small as 2mm logo. We are highly experienced in laser on a wide range of materials, mainly acrylic, wood, glass, and metal. Our machine is also capable to perform rotary engraving for products such as wine glass, thermos or flask. Our rotary engraving machine is capable to engrave your product in different sizes and shapes with high accuracy. However not all products can go to your rotary system. Please check with us before you send us the products.

Can we engraved on leather? The answer is yes. The result of engraving on leather is a debossed effect and a clean contrast on the surface. Many people come to us to engraved their name on their planner and diary. We love to do the special work for our valuable customers.

Laser Engraving For Personalised Gifts

Custom laser engraved on personal items is popular in demand. Laser engraving can engrave personal items such as office items, household items, personalised gifts, etc. Personalised gifts are the perfect way to express your love and loyalty to a loved one or friend by giving them a unique and personalised gift. It's easy to see why laser engraving is considered one of the most innovative ways to personalise gifts. It's quick, easy and allows you to add a unique touch to any gift, with a laser engraved service that's fast and easy to use. Custom laser engraving adds a professional touch to any gift, whether it is for a birthday, an anniversary, wedding, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any other special occasion. It also makes each gift personal and unique, adding a sense of importance to your gift.

Laser Engraving For Corporate Gifts

Our service extends to a wide range of industries, especially in corporate gifting and promotional items. Add a professional touch to your custom awards, promotional products, personalised gifts, or other special occasions with our custom laser engraved services. Nowadays, the gifts we give to our loved ones are more personalised than ever. Many modern gifts are inscribed with your initials, name, or a special date. Product branding is extremely popular. Laser engraving is the most modern and effective way to get your logos and motifs into the hands of your customers. We have many custom projects from SME, NGOs to multi-national companies.

Promotional products and corporate gifts are a great way to connect with your customers. Many companies start using promotional products to keep the conversation going after your customer has already purchased. However, laser engraving and laser cutting service can be provided for so many different items that your company is sure to find exactly what you need that your customer will treasure.

Promotional products are an excellent way for companies to promote their brand and give clients something to remember the company by. That's why a custom engraved name is one of the most popular ways to promote your brand. Engraved name products is a great way to promote your brand in a high-end, elegant way. It is also a fantastic way to commemorate special events, both small and large.

Laser Engraving For Industrial

The industry of industrial laser marking is rapidly growing – whether you're laser on metal, plastic, leather, etc. Laser mark is useful not just for small businesses seeking to brand their products, but it is also an ideal tool for the industrial sector, as it provides a way to detect counterfeit products or replicas. The laser mark process can be used to engrave serial numbers, time stamps, part numbers, component labels, barcodes, data matrix codes, branding, and other industry-specific codes. Laser engraving is becoming an increasingly important tool for part identification, inventory control and tracking, safety and warning notification, and loss prevention. Numerous industries, including automotive, medical, and more, are in need of laser service to permanently engrave serial numbers and other important data on parts.

What is the order quantity?

Quantity orders can be as little as one pcs for some of our products. Whether you are ordering one item or several, we can accommodate you. We accept orders for single items as well as for quantity orders. All of our items can be engraved with your logo and personalised message.

The reason that you may not find pricing for your item below is that every item is unique, depending on its material and engraving. Please contact us at or call 603-61896868. We will be happy to provide pricing and more information about engraving options that would be relevant to your item. The price for the laser engraved services options diverse depending on the size and material chosen.

How much does engraving cost?

If you have a specific budget in mind, we will do our best to work with you. Do not hesitate to ask. You may contact us any time - we'll do our best to accommodate your budget. Our professional team is at your service to help you. Please send us an e-mail or give us a call to get a quote. For large orders, there may be an additional charge for unpacking, packing, and storing chargers. This is due to the time needed to handle the process, which can be pretty time-consuming. For personalised and small orders, the packing and unpacking will be free.

Fast engraving and rush order services are not available for discounted engraving! We're all about great value and quick turnaround. Discounted engraving requires seven days to complete the production.

How long does engraving take?

With our rush order laser engraved service, we can complete the laser engraving within the same working day for personal single piece item and 1 to 3 working days for bulk quantity order. Please note higher charge applies for rush order laser engraving. All rush orders will be reviewed by the production manager to determine whether it is possible to meet the requested timeline. Generally, we require 4 to 7 days for non-discounted laser engraved services for mass production due to a load of queues in our production facility. Our laser engraving lead times are typically shorter in most cases.

What are the laser type?

Types of laser engraving we have include normal laser engraving, micro laser engraving and deep laser engraving.

1. Normal laser engraving

Normal laser engraving is so far the most popular option as it is the most affordable laser printing option. This laser type is popular for any kind of awards, gifts, name plates, metal plates, trophies, drinkware, pens, keychains or name cards. The engraving quality is excellent, and the price is very competitive for the market.

2. Deep engraving

Deep engraving is a laser type accomplished using a beam of concentrated light to laser on the products at a higher intensity and a slower rate. This produces a deep clean, crisp, and highly recognisable image on the products. A laser engraving depth can also be influenced by the engraving material since some materials cannot be etched deeply. Some materials are just too hard, even for lasers. Custom engraving quality is also influenced by the model of the laser engraving machine used in the process. Our state of the art machines provides superior results compared to other laser engraving machines outside.

3. Micro HD laser engraving

Micro HD laser engraving is usually done on custom wooden laser engraving projects with our CO2 laser engraving machines. It uses a state-of-the-art laser machine to engrave delicately and deeply on the surface of wood in super high resolution with intricate details. The engraving on wood quality is very clear and sharp. Engraving position is always precise. Our equipment is equipped with a high-quality engravings lens which allows engraving on a wide range of wood materials.

What is the cost of artwork?

The artwork fee is RM50 per hour if you request that we create artwork for you.

What types of files do you accept?

For vector artwork, we accept ai, eps, dxf, svg, cdr and pdf. Our engraving department prefer raster artwork in the following order: bmp, pdf, tiff, png and jpg. DPI stands for "dots per inch". When the laser machine reads an image, the dpi determines how many dots of ink will fill each square inch of surface when an image is read by a laser machine. High-Quality Image quality improves with a higher dot count. It is best to use 300 dpi for our laser machine to output the best quality for your products. Please send photos with large file sizes, especially for engrave-able photos for the engraving data file.

Where should I send my artwork for laser engraved services?

Please send your artwork to We do not accept artwork by WhatsApp. Please include a brief description of the artwork you want us to engrave for you when you send the artwork.

We have been in privileged to have many clients who appreciate and respect our quality workmanship as the best custom laser engraver company. We strive to provide our clients with high-quality laser engraving services for customer branded products. We feel that the best way to supply these are by giving them the highest quality of customer service that we can ensure. We have developed a quality team of very efficient employees, have great knowledge in their area of expertise, stringent quality control and are committed to meeting the needs of our clients.