Best Corporate Gifts For Employess - Uniform, Scarfs and Pin Badeg

Keeping our employees looking sharp is a top priority for most company. If we ever want to impress our clients, we have to make sure our employees look good first. Don't you think so?

By providing your staff with a uniform, scarfs, tie or badges, you can ensure that they will always look their best while on the job.

Design is important, and colours is even more important.  Colour also represent the corporate colours.

Types of Corporate Attires & Accessories

Corporate Attires - Corporate Uniform

Some people said by implementing a dress code in your company, you can help reduce the amount of time and energy you spend micromanaging your employees’ dress code. Do you think so?

You can opt for stock design or you can choose to custom design the shirts. How do you decide which company uniform shirts to buy? Most people buy base on their choice on how the shirt looks. But there are other criteria you might want to consider, example time to personalise the shirts, cost factors, sizes, colour fabrics etc. Stay tune on our next blog where we will talk more detail on shirt design.

Corporate Attires - Corporate Uniform

Corporate Attires - Scarfs

There are numerous reasons why any company owner would consider buying corporate scarfs for his employees. Scarfs are affordable, stylish accessories that can be used for a variety of purposes.

As a business owner, you want to make sure your employees are looking their absolute best at all times. Corporate apparel is a great way to look professional and well-kept at all times, and a corporate scarf is a great way to add a touch of stylish flair to your work attire. While your employees might not be the same size or shape, you can rest assured that a corporate scarf will fit everyone thanks to the wide range of sizes that are available. 

The below scarfs is beautifully printed with interesting Malaysia skyline building.  This scarf is not any ordinary scarfs.  This scarf is made with polyester, or what we commonly refer to fake silk.  The texture is smooth, and in fact it is much smoother than any other polyester scarfs in the market.

Corporate Attires - Pin Badge

Pin badges have been a part of the corporate world for a long time, but they are not just for employers to give out to employees. You can also use them to give yourself a spice up on your uniform or on your jacket, shirt or coat.  There are many styles of pin badge.  We call the below products 3D pin badge.  Stay tune in our coming blogs, where we will show more interesting customisation that you can select for your projects.

Reason to buy corporate attires for employees

The objective of this entry is to provide a list of reasons to buy uniform for your employees.
1. Provide a sense of belonging to the company
2. Provide a sense of identity for the company
3. Build Loyalty
4. Build Professionalism
5. Build Unity

By providing your staff with a corporate attire, you can ensure that they will always look their best while on the job. This is not only important to the staff’s self-esteem, but can also boost productivity and boost morale.