Affordable and Practical Door Gifts - Measuring Tape Keychain

Teapot Measuring Tape Keychain

Are you searching for a beautiful, practical and non-mainstream door gift for your event? Then you are at the right page!

We often receive pretty door gifts at various events like wedding, company dinner and celebration party but not all of them are actually useful and worth to keep. You must want to opt for a door gift idea that can be both memorable and useful for your special event without burning a hole in your pocket. Our Teapot Tape Measure Keychain is very light in weight, easy to carry and most importantly, can benefit your guests! They can simply place it at any places like their handbags or pencil case and use it.

Teapot Measuring Tape Keychain 1

You never know when are you going to need a measuring tape. It might be when you're shopping for new clothes and need to measure your size. Or when you have to measure a table light at the shop to fit your new tabletop. With that being said, having an easy-to-carry measuring tape with you all the time is a must! The elegant-looking and beneficial teapot measuring tape is definitely something that you never knew you needed.

Measuring tape is useful for everyone because it is a flexible ruler that can be used for many circumstances to measure distance in our daily lives. Our tape comes in centimetres and inches.

Teapot Measuring Tape Keychain 3

Our Other Measuring Tape Keychain Choices

For more variation of choices, we also offer other measuring tape keychain design like the Truck and Thumb-up. Want it to look more interesting and personalised? You can also put your desired logo and quotes on the keychain. You can perhaps promote your FB account with the 'thumb-up' design or even promote your transportation service with the truck/van design. These designs are perfect for the little guests too!

Truck and Thumb-up Measuring Tape Keychain

This measuring tape keychain is ideal for your wedding event, corporate dinner, festive celebration and any kind of occasion. Draw a smile on your guests with the perfect door gift!

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