Face Mask Holder With Custom Logo

Have you ever experienced the agony of packing your face mask in your bag and then forgetting where you put it? Introducing Face Mask Holder - the ultimate solution to end the misery. Wherever you are, in-office or restaurant, Face Mask Holder will keep your disposable 3-ply face masks clean and accessible. Face Mask Holder is the perfect solution for people who need to take their disposable face masks off when they need to eat. It's lightweight, easy to carry, and will securely hold your face mask for a short period.—

How often do you find yourself forgetting where you put your 3 ply disposable mask? Have you experienced your face mask accidentally drop on the floor? Have you wondered where to put your face mask close to you? Face Mask Keeper is designed to hold your face masks and keep them safe, clean, and close to you.

Did you know Face Mask holder is an affordable and great promotional tool? Get your brand name in the client's hands and ensure that they will always have a clean face mask to wear with this high-quality product.  You can completely customize the design based on your needs with only a 100pc minimum order quantity. 

Large Compartment Face Mask Holder That Store 10pcs Dispossable Face Mask
Large Compartment Face Mask Holder That Store 10pcs Disposable Face Mask

The time has come to a stop tossing your still-dry face masks in the bin or on the ground. Store them in style with our Face Mask Holder! Perfect for work, travel, home, and more. Our Face Mask Holder is designed to be a stylish and practical way to store your disposable face masks. The sleek, lightweight, compact and durable Face Mask Holder will keep the face mask securely in place and protected from spills or damage. This Face Mask Holder can store as many as 10 disposable face masks in one place without any hassle! It's perfect for those who are on the move.

Face Mask Holder That Keep 1pcs Face Mask For Easy Storage
Face Mask Holder That Keep 1pcs Face Mask For Easy Storage

This Face Mask Keeper or Face Mask Holder is a piece of case to store you disposable face mask for a short period of time. Example, it is commonly used when you need to remove your face mask when you need to dine. This face mask holder is lightweight and easy to carry around, and it can be slot anywhere in your handbag or pocket.

Step-by-Step Guide to keep mask holder properly

Step 1 – Place the disposable face mask on the holder with the darker colour part facing down as per picture.
Step 2 – Fold the mask holder into half from bottom to top.
Step 3 – Fold the mask holder from left to right.
Step 4 – Pull ear loops to the opposite side and around it.

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