Necktie Supplier In Malaysia! Do you know we produce awesome tie?

What are the material type of neckties?

  1. Silk
  2. Polyester
  3. Combination of 50% Silk and Polyester
  4. Cotton

How do we grade the quality of the neckties?

For school ties, we use 960 pin and for corporate ties we used 1200pin.  If your logo is very complicated, we would suggest selecting 1200pin neckties.  1200pin neckties thread are finer.

What are neckties design types?

Here are the type of necktie by popularity.

  1. Striped Neckties
  2. Plaid Neckties
  3. Polka Dot Neckties
  4. Pattern Neckties
  5. Paisley Neckties
  6. Floral Neckties
  7. Solid Neckties
Striped Neckties

Striped Neckties 

Plaid Neckties

Plaid Neckties

Polka Dot Neckties

Polka Dot Neckties

Pattern Neckties

Pattern Neckties

Paisley Neckties

Paisley Neckties

How do I get started to create my own corporate necktie?

  1. Pick from our existing design.  Create a new design necktie is never easy.  Why take this hassle?  Our company produce stunning necktie.  Pick from our large collection of necktie design and let us know which design you like.  You can pick from existing design and make minor changes on the neckties colour.
  2. You can also design your own.  Simply design it with your Adobe Illustrator.  Let us know what colour threads you need and we will help you to continue the rest.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity for customising tie is on 50pcs.

What are the sample time and production time of customising a tie?

Sample time is approx 3 weeks. Production will take approx 4 to 5 week after confirmation of sample.  Yes delivery time for customising is rather long but the wait is worth it when you see the final producst.

How do you judge if the factory can produce top quality neckties?

Check out our amazing beautiful design necktie.  Our factory make high end necktie for many big brands.

Strip Neckties Premium Range

Pattern Neckties Silk

Checker Neckties

Premium Range Neckties

Premium Range Neckties VIP

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