Nixie Tube Clock can be a great gift for VIP clients that does not want the ordinary stuffs

Nixie Tube Clock 4

Nixie Tube Clock at Home

This Nixie Tube Clocks are a popular trending gift item. Is the Nixie Tube Clocks popular in Malaysia?  Definitely Yes!  It is a growing trend.  

Nixie clock show the time in a unique way that is different from other types of clocks. However, Nixie Tube Clocks can be pricey, especially if you want to buy at big quantity order.  What do you worry off, when we can accept small quantity order for pre-order and customised with your logo.  There are still a few reasons why you should buy a Nixie Tube Clock.

Reason to buy Nixie Tube Clock

1. Nixie tubes are the coolest way to display the time.

2. This is a premium clock that is designed to provide a lush, relaxing glow to your home or office

3. There is a lot of interest in Nixie tube technology.  It is very popular in the United States and some other western country.

4. It is high-quality product that combine technology combine with warmth.

Nixie Tube Clock 1
Nixie Tube Clock Colours

Nixie Tube Clock Types

This clock is made of beautiful maple wood and walnut wood that can be used for decoration and functional purposes. This particular clock has a matte finish that is designed to be corrosion resistant and easy to clean, so you can count on it to be around for a long time.

1. Walnut Wood

2. Maple Wood

Nixie Tube Clock 2
Nixie Tube Clock Walnut Colour

Nixie Tube Clock
Nixie Tube Clock Maple Colour

Nixie Tube Clock Specification

Product size: 237.5mm x 61.5mm x 79mm
Material: Wood + Acrylic + ABS + PC
Input: 5V/1A;
Power Rating: 0.8W
Standard color: Maple/ Walnut
Package box: Black gift box
Minimum Order Quantity: 16pcs
Packing information: 16pcs/carton; 16KG; 59cm x 37cm x 35cm

How do you print my logo on this clock?

It is possible for us to help you laser engrave your logo on a Nixie tube clock with our amazing laser engraving machine.  If you opt for silk screen printing, it can also be done.

Does the product need to be assembled? 

Some people call this Nixie Tube Clock DIY.  What does it mean?  This is simple to assemble just like lego.   It is very easy and customer will have fun during the assembling.If you think it is better to assembled before shipment, we can also assemble it for you too.  Just let us know in advance.

Is there any warranty on the clock?

This product has 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

We decided to introduce this Nixie clock because we realized there is a lot of interest for some corporate to look for unique trending gifts with small quantity order.

If you’re interested in a new clock for your home or office, one that’s a little more unique than your average digital readout, consider a Nixie tube clock. This is the perfect gift for anyone who is into space, or is sick of looking at the plain old digital clock that has been in your home or office for the past several years.  We hope to be your next Nixie Tube Clock supplier in Malaysia.