What to Look for in a Non Woven Bag Design? You may want to know more...

Why are non woven bags eco friendly?

Lately, environment conservation has become a great debate topic among our friends, family, colleagues and just every part of the world. The significant increase of  environment issues like climate change, animal extinction and natural disasters raise a huge concern to most people. With that being said, us, humans, have to play our roles to save the earth that we have ruined.

Non-woven bags are made from uniquely engineered fabrics made from fibre which are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. The multi-purpose function of these bags make them perfect for versatile uses. You can use them as a shopping bag, storage bag and gift bag. You can even advertise your company logo, brand messages and product pictures on to the bags for promotional purposes! You can reuse them countless times and wash them if they ever get dirty. They're also highly durable and do not break your bank.

When choosing a non-woven bag design, there are several factors to consider. First, consider the bag's durability and strength. Look for a design that uses high-quality non-woven fabric that can withstand regular use and heavy loads. Next, consider the bag's size and capacity. Determine what you plan to use the bag for and choose a design that can comfortably hold your belongings. Consider whether you need additional compartments or pockets for better organization. Additionally, consider the bag's aesthetics. Look for a design that aligns with your personal style or the brand image you want to portray. Consider the color, pattern, and any branding elements that can help make the bag visually appealing. Lastly, consider the bag's functionality. Look for features like comfortable handles or straps, easy-to-use closures, and any additional features that can enhance the bag's usability. In summary, when choosing a non-woven bag design, consider durability, size, aesthetics, and functionality.

What Types of Non-Woven Bags Do We Have?

There are many types of non-woven bag for various purposes.  Find the one that fits your need the most by referring to our list below!

1. Ultrasonic Sealed Non Woven Bags


The first type is the Ultrasonic Sealed Non Woven Bag. There are just limitless things that you can do with this bag. These bags are manufactured using the sealed ultrasonic method which is equally durable compare to stitching bag which we commonly know.  This type of bag is the cheapest compare to other types of non woven.  They are our bestselling model as well! 


If you have a more complicated and colourful designs, we also offer Ultrasonic Colour CMYK Printing on the bag. Take a look at the bag below, the colours are gorgeous, aren't they? 


2. Stitching Non Woven Bag

Unlike the first one, the handle of this type of non woven bag is stitched. It can be used as gift bags and your daily shopping bags too! 

3. Laminated Non Woven Bag 

Laminated Non Woven bag is a bit interesting as they are made from spun-bound polypropylene with a gloss or matt lamination applied. This bag can be a great advertisement tool because it supports full colour CMYK printing. If you have a more complex and brightly coloured design that you wish to put on your bag, the full colour CMYK printing will compliment your design very well!

What kind of design and style I can do on the non woven bags?

We offer a variety of printing styles to fit our customers' need. 

1. Simple logo

The most popular style that we often see on tote bags.

2. Motif & Texture

You can opt for printing motif & texture across the bags.  an extraordinary way...

This lace style non-woven bag is perfect for looking chic and stylish while grocery shopping. It's versatile enough to use for storing files and looking elegant for class. You can also use it as beautiful lace-style wedding door gifts.

3. Repeat Pattern

If you want to do something different with your logo or branding.  Perhaps you can use repeat logo pattern style to get customer notice on your bag....  be different.

There is a lot of pretty repeat pattern design such as floral, abstract and geometric. You can choose your own design to fit your very own occasion. For example, you can go for cute cartoon patterns for your children's birthday party as door gifts. Try looking for repeat pattern design inspiration on the internet and find the style that you love!

What More Can You Customise With Your Non-Woven Bag?

Now that you've gone through the different types and styles that we have to offer, let's learn more about the customisation that you can do with your bag!

1. Add buttons and zips (Secure your goods!)


2. Add double flap pockets (Extra storage department for you!)

Double-flip pocket

3. Make it foldable (Keep everything neat!)


4. Make it as a Drawstring Bag gift bag

We at CTW Enterprise are committed to provide the best high-quality non-woven bags to meet our client's need. You can choose your preferred type of bags, styles and custom the bag on your own. We hope that this blog entry helps you to learn more about the awesomeness of non-woven bags and help you to find the right bag for your gifting needs.

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