Best L Shape Plastic Folder For Corporate Branding and Marketing

This custom printed plastic L shape file folder is one of the most practical corporate gifts for clients. It is a corporate gift that you can never go wrong with. Many people find this corporate folder useful for their daily work or routine.

Plastic Folder L Shape Front - Supplier CTW ENTERPRISE SDN BHD
Plastic Folder L Shape Front

Plastic Folder L Shape Back - Supplier CTW ENTERPRISE SDN BHD
Plastic Folder L Shape - Back

This custom design A4 PP L shape file folder is one of the favourite corporate gifts given to customers, business partners, or clients. It is handy for a lot of people, whether they are housewife or students. 

Best Custom L Shape Plastic Folder for Brand Awareness and Marketing

Not only is it a useful item to carry their essential documents, but it also ensures that your brand logo or messages gets a lot of attention due to the ample advertising space. When you give L shape PP file folders to clients, they will inevitably need to use them, and every time they do, your brand will be seen. This makes a great way to promote your corporate image, and over time it can have a positive impact on your business.

Most Affordable Custom Print Plastic Folder To Reach Big Audience

For many businesses, a corporate gift is an opportunity to reach potential customers and build brand awareness for prospect and clients. While the most popular option is pens, key chain and notebooks, L-shaped corporate folder is also an inexpensive and good idea to choose from. This custom plastic folder file is relatively cheap when you need to print it and reach a big audience. When the quantity order is bigger, the cost per unit goes very low and very reasonable. Even it may be a little more expensive when the quantity order is little, but consider the big advertising space, and if you count per square inch, it is relatively still a cheap and affordable marketing corporate gifts, promotional gifts or even souvenir gifts.

Vibrant Quality Printing and Ability to Print Complex Design, Make This The Best Advertising Promotional Gifts

Even though the L-shaped file folder might seem like a simple item, we believe it's the attention to detail that makes our products stand out. We believe that the most crucial factor when choosing a file folder is its quality. This plastic folder printing quality is superb and it is printed in high definition printing. The quality of the printing is very long-lasting and can last for a very long time. The colours are vibrant, and you can always associate them with corporate logo guidelines. You can even print a high-resolution photograph of your company buildings or products. For this reason, customised plastic folder file is often used to give as gifts to clients; especially you have more than a logo to depict. If you're looking for more fun and creative gifts, we suggest a bright and colourful L-shaped file folder. A colourful and complex design folder will stun your recipients. 

One Stop Service From Design to Printing With Fast Delivery Service

We offer fast delivery at value for money price. How fast can we make it? In general, this A4 L shape file folder can be delivered quickly, as fast as 7 working days after confirm artwork and payment. In general, the artwork is a pain for most customer. No worries! We have many standard template design for you to pick, and we have in-house designers that can help you with the designs.

Exciting A4 L Shape Folder Projects for Clients

Here are some exciting customised plastic folder projects we had made for our clients.

Plastic Folder L Shape - Corporate Logo

Plastic Folder L Shape - Art Gallery 1

Plastic Folder L Shape - Art Gallery 2

Reason to Buy Plastic L Shape Folder

There are a bunch of reasons why corporates, students or even housewife are using this plastic file folder.

1. It is professional looking and best to represent your business.

2. Solve disorganisation paper works

3. It helps you organise your daily documents

4. L-shape file folders are perfect to keep stacks of documents in order

5. It is made of durable material that can be used for a long time.

6. It needs less space and can be placed on a table or a small drawer. 

This custom printed plastic l shape folder is an excellent way to strengthen the business relationship and create a great first impression. We are one of the best L-shaped file folder suppliers in Malaysia that excel in design, quality, and price for many years. 

Check out our product page on plastic shape folder for more details.

Customised L Shape PP File Folder

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